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Safety First: How Big Apple Car Ensures Secure And Hassle-Free Rides

Ensuring passengers arrive safely and without hassles is paramount in a bustling city that never sleeps. At Big Apple Car, recognized as the best NYC car service, we make sure our passengers' security and satisfaction remain at the forefront of our services. Here's a closer look at how we dedicate ourselves to providing secure and hassle-free rides every single time.

1. Comprehensive Vehicle Maintenance For Safety And Luxury

Our fleet represents the perfect union of luxury and safety. Comprising renowned brands such as Cadillac, Mercedes, and Lexus, our commitment goes beyond just delivering a lavish experience; it's about ensuring the utmost vehicle reliability. To uphold this commitment, we adhere to the strict safety standards set by the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC). All our licensed for-hire vehicles undergo regular safety inspections every four months at licensed inspection centers, in addition to annual TLC facility inspections. These rigorous checks guarantee that our vehicles are always in peak condition, providing passengers with both a comfortable and secure journey.

2. Real-time Monitoring And Tracking

We are using the power of modern technology to ensure passengers' safety and convenience. Riders can track drivers in real-time through our easy-to-use mobile apps for both iOS and Android. This transparency ensures on-time arrivals and departures and adds an additional layer of safety, ensuring that passengers and their loved ones know their exact whereabouts.

3. VIP Gold: Beyond Luxury, A Commitment To Excellence

The VIP Gold service is a testament to our dedication to providing more than just a ride—it is a complete experience. Each VIP Gold chauffeur is handpicked, boasting at least ten years in the industry. Their professional attire—a clear statement of elegance and commitment—ensures that passengers travel in style and with the best in the business.

4. Recognitions And Affiliations: Assurance Of Quality

While Big Apple Car is often regarded as the best NYC car service, our laurels extend beyond mere acclaim. Holding certifications from New York City and the Women's Business Enterprise National Council as a Woman-Owned Business emphasizes our steadfast commitment to excellence and integrity in the industry.

5. Global Network, Consistent Service

Our Big Apple Car Worldwide division extends our renowned services to over 350 cities and 68 countries. Whether in New York or halfway worldwide, our consistent quality ensures you always feel at home.

6. Constant Support: We Are Always Here For You

Our dedicated support team is always a call away, no matter the time or place. Be it a change in plans, a sudden requirement, or any concerns, we are always ready to ensure your smooth and satisfactory journey.

7. Feedback-Driven Excellence

Our President, Diana Clemente's commitment to perfection is unwavering. Each feedback, praise, or critique is taken to heart, driving us to evolve and constantly ensure that our services remain unparalleled.

Big Apple Car, one of the best car services in New York, offers more than just transportation. We promise an experience! It is an experience crafted meticulously to blend safety, luxury, and satisfaction. Decades of service since 1983 have taught us one thing—everything truly matters. And with that belief, we continue to serve, ensuring every journey with us is exceptional.

Explore our website to learn more about our services!

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